Tulsa Balloon Festival….Kinda

Ashley and I recently attended the 2016 Tulsa International Balloon Festival Carnival.  See, it was suppose to be a balloon festival, but it was either too windy or there was bad weather, so there were no balloons in sight.  Ashley has always wanted to go to the huge balloon festival in Albuquerque, so when she saw there was an “International” balloon festival in Tulsa – we had to go.

Despite there not being any balloons, they still had a carnival with games, food trucks, rides and everything else you’d expect at a carnival.  This was the perfect opportunity to practice with my new GoPro camera I got for our upcoming trip to Hawaii.  

So here is the video I made.  (Disclaimer: I got this camera the exact same day we went to the balloon festival, so I didn’t really know what I was doing)

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