The Most Amazing Race 2015

Like most couples, Ashley has her TV shows that she likes to watch, and I have mine.  And because we like each other, I will “watch” Dancing with the Stars with her, and she will “watch” Shark Tank with me.  Every once in a while there are shows that both of us enjoy watching. This is the Sweet Spot.  One of those shows is The Amazing Race.  Since both of us love traveling and we are very competitive by nature, we always thought it would be awesome to be on The Amazing Race and travel the world and participate in a competition at the same time.  

So back in April I was driving down the road and heard an advertisement on the radio for The Most Amazing Race Tulsa, a scavenger hunt-adventure style race patterned after the CBS reality show “The Most Amazing Race.” Teams of two people compete for prizes by completing challenges at popular spots in Downtown Tulsa.  Best of all, the event was a a fundraiser for The Salvation Army’s Center of Hope, the largest homeless shelter in Northeast Oklahoma.  So this was a perfect opportunity for Ashley and I to test our skills and teamwork together in a fun way that also supports a great cause at the same time.

As part of the competition, teams were required to raise at least $250 to be eligible to compete.  But there were additional incentives to raise more (ex: If you raised over $500 you got a 5 minute head start, $750 – you could skip a challenge, $1000 you could U-Turn a team to make them compete an additional challenge).  Overall the event was a huge success. The total amount raised was over $20,000.

At the finish line with some friends.

At the finish line with some friends.  We could barely stand up after the race was over.

Ashley and I had a great time.  Even though we didn’t win, we worked really well as a team.  We also learned about our strengths and weaknesses when competing together in a fast pace, endurance style competition.  Some of the challenges included the following:

  • Climbing a rock wall and after returning to the ground you had to immediately play a game of “Operation” – the children’s game where you remove plastic pieces (organs) from the game tray with tweezers.  If you touched the sides of the opening, you would get buzzed, and then you had to go climb the rock wall again and try the game again.  Fortunately I only had to climb the wall twice.
  • One team member had to memorize the Miranda Rights word for word and recite them to a Tulsa Police officer perfectly.  Ashley nailed this one.  She has a great memory and this was a perfect competition for her.
Ashley Reciting Miranda Rights to Police Officer

Ashley Reciting Miranda Rights to a Tulsa Police Officer.

  • Team members had to bowl 3 strikes (which is a lot harder after running all over Downtown Tulsa for a few hours)
  • One team member was taught how to perform a magic trick and then had to perform it to there partner without them figuring out how it was done.  Naturally, as an amateur illusion aficionado, I was all over this challenge.
  • We had to search through an art museum and find artists and paintings based on clues. This one took so long.
Mid-race, we had to take a quick selfie in front of this statue for part of a challenge.

Mid-race, we had to take a quick pic in front of this statue for part of a challenge.

Overall, this was a blast. We had a lot of fun and are excited to participate in the 2016 Race.  For more information visit The Most Amazing Race website


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