The Beginning

Yes, its 2014 and I’m just now starting a legitimate blog.  I planned on linking to my old Xanga Blog (circa 2005)  & Video Blog (2008), but they both were either shut down because of inactivity, or lack of posts – which is probably a good thing.

So I guess the whole “This is why I’m starting a blog” post is pretty cliche and boring to read.  But I suppose its necessary.

After being inspired by a post from another blog I read occasionally, I decided to follow suit and start keeping track.

Here is why I started this blog:



So this blog will serve as the digital repository where I document life events & adventures with my family and friends, as well as my musings on a variety of topics ranging from entrepreneurship, marketing, websites, book reviews etc.

I’ve never considered writing as something I enjoyed a lot, but for the sake of reflection and my future satisfaction I will give it a go.

Blog posts coming in the near future include:



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