Conquer The Gauntlet

So earlier this year, a few friends and I completed the Warrior Dash obstacle course race (OCR).  I wrote a post about training for it, and then a recap after the race.  Long story short, I had a lot of fun with the obstacle course race, and wanted to try another one.  So naturally, I decided to find the most difficult obstacle course race in Oklahoma – Conquer The Gauntlet.  

Conquer The Gauntlet (CTG) is a 4.5 mile, 25 obstacle OCR that takes place in several locations around the central United States.  The race I signed up for was located at a lodge in Tulsa, OK.  I’ve been to a few retreats at this lodge and knew the terrain.  However, the part that I struggled with the most at the Warrior Dash was the hills, and the hills at the CTG were about 10x higher and harder to conquer.  A few days before the race, the CTG team posted a contour map showing the hills on the course, and wow, it was pretty intimidating.



Each of those lines represent a 10ft change in elevation


The CTG is designed to test you.  You aren’t competing against others, you are competing against yourself to overcome the mental and physical aspects of the race.  In fact, you have to rely of other competitors to conquer some of the obstacles.  A complete stranger will extend there hand to help you climb over a 15 ft wall, and then you turn around and help the next person.  It was cool to experience the teamwork and encouragement that went on during this race.



Action shot from #ctg this past weekend. Torpedo #conquerthegauntlet #ocr

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Some of the obstacles we faced included: scaling inverted walls, rope climbing, crawling under barbed wire, carrying a tree stump up and down a large hill, sledgehammer swinging, traversing through water, etc. (more obstacles listed here).  I believe I underestimated the pure arm strength needed to conquer some of these obstacles.  It was brutal, and probably in the top 3 hardest things I’ve ever done physically, but despite all that, I completed around 20 of the 25 obstacles, and came out with no major injuries.



I’ve heard rumors of there being a Spartan Race in Oklahoma City in 2017.  I’m thinking this will be my next challenge.