Warrior Dash Recap

Yesterday, I completed my first obstacle course race – The Warrior Dash.  As I mentioned in a previous post, participating in an obstacle course race is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  There was mud, mud, and more mud – although apparently not as much mud compared to previous years.

Back in January, I challenged a few friends to join me for the race, and 3 agreed to sign up. We weren’t really sure what to expect. None of us are really “runners” in the sense that we enjoy running just to run. But we all enjoy sports and have don’t mind getting dirty, so the Warrior Dash seemed like a good idea. 

Warrior Dash 2016



IMG_4296The race consisted of 5 kilometers with around 12 obstacles throughout the course.  The first obstacle was located about a 1/2 mile into the course.  I had been training on a treadmill for the running portion, but didn’t really factor in the hills, bushes, and of course the mud.  The first mile was mainly running, then the second mile seemed to have a majority of the obstacles, and the last 1/3rd of the race was probably 80% downhill, which was refreshing.

Overall, the toughest part of the race had to be running up the 35 degree angle hills.  Of all the obstacles, the final obstacle was probably the most difficult.  We had to crawl under barbed wire through a 50 ft. mud pit.  It was nearly impossible to get a grip on any part of the mud, as it was pretty much like swimming through brownie batter, minus the good taste.  

I felt pretty good at the end of the race. It actually went by a lot faster than it seemed.  It looks like there are other similar, more difficult obstacle course races coming up over the next few months in my area… I plan on continue training and participating in them as well.