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I’m Kevin Pojezny, owner of Kinetic Media LLC - a web design,

printing, & marketing consulting business located in Tulsa,


I work with businesses and non profits all over the world to

design beautiful websites, brochures, flyers, and other print

collateral in order to strengthen brands, increase sales, and

reduce printing costs.


2018 Goals & Discipline

I am a very goal oriented person.  If I don't have something to strive for, something to achieve, then I will just waste my days and be less likely to accomplish much.  I've found that I'm happiest and I become...

50,000 Push-ups

As 2017 is coming to a close I look back on what I've done this past year. Things like buying a house, growing a business, and traveling to some pretty cool places are nice accomplishments.  However, one of the biggest...

2017 Photo Recap

2017 was another year full of adventure and changes.  Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park, Obstacle Course Races, Concerts, Going to the Range, Football, and more.

30 Lessons in 30 years

I recently turned 30 years old.  I've been reflecting on many things I've learned over the years and I've come up with 30 business lessons I've learned.  I will probably create a separate list that is not...

Crypto Summer

Unless you've been living under a rock the last few months, you've probably heard people talk about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies exploding in value.  Since the beginning of 2017, the two largest...

Steve Jobs Commencement Address

Today marks the 12th anniversary of one of the greatest graduation speeches ever.  On June 12th, 2005 - Steve Jobs stood at the podium in front of thousands of Stanford seniors graduating that day...

Warrior Dash 2017

After an 8 month winter hiatus it was time for another obstacle course race.  It was just a year ago that I participated in my first OCR, The Warrior Dash followed by another a few month later...

How to Eat Healthy Food

Lately, in a quest to eat less processed foods, I've struggled to find something that I enjoyed eating that wasn't filled with ingredients and chemicals that I can't even pronounce. More specifically, I've altered...

The Man in the Arena

On April 23, 1910, Teddy Roosevelt delivered one of the most inspirational and quoted speeches of his career.  Politics aside, the following except has impacted the lives of presidents, professional athletes...

How to Pay it Forward & Help Others Escape Poverty

Poverty sucks. Every day, people around the world are struggling to survive.  The developed world has little understanding of what people go through in 3rd...

Taking Risks

Not being afraid to take risks has been one of the most aspects of my personality. I wouldn't be where I am today without being willing to take the road less traveled by. Why is risk taking so important...

2016 Recap - In Pictures

2016 was a busy year for us.  Obstacle Course Races, Finishing Residency, 5 year Anniversary, Hawaii, Football, and more. Here are photos from some of the highlights...

The Blockchain Revolution

What is the Blockchain? Why does it matter? This is hard to explain, as is any new technology that is different than anything else ever before it.  It took me several articles and YouTube videos to finally grasp it...

Homecoming 2016

Stillwater, OK will always be a special place to me.  As a lifelong OSU fan, I always dreamed of going to college at OSU.   When I finally arrived on campus I immediately felt at home.  I spent 4 years in Stillwater...

My 5 Favorite Podcasts

I remember when I first discovered podcasts. It was before Ashley and I were married and we lived 6 hours apart. This meant long road trips every few weeks. Sure, road trips can be fun sometimes...but not

Conquer The Gauntlet

So earlier this year, a few friends and I completed the Warrior Dash obstacle course race (OCR). Long story short, I had a lot of fun with the obstacle course race, and wanted to try another one. So naturally...

Hawaii Vacation 2016

July 2016 was full of traveling for Ashley and me. 4 States (OK, TX, CA, HI), 10 cities, 2 islands, 6 flights, and nearly 10,000 total miles traveled. We began our trip visiting family and friends in Texas...

Tulsa Balloon Festival....Kinda

Ashley and I recently attended the 2016 Tulsa International Balloon Festival Carnival. See, it was suppose to be a balloon festival, but it was either too windy or there was bad weather, so there were no...
Robbers Cave State Park - Oklahoma camping

Robber's Cave Camping

Recently, some friends and I were feeling spontaneous and went on a camping trip in Robber's Cave State Park.  The park is in a really one of Oklahoma's hidden gyms and great for camping, hiking...

Warrior Dash Recap

Yesterday, I completed my first obstacle course race - The Warrior Dash. As I mentioned in a previous post, participating in an obstacle course race is something I've wanted to do for a long time...

Book Reviews

3 Key Lessons from the Elon Musk Bio

Throughout history we have learned about revolutionary entrepreneurs such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford & Steve Jobs. But usually we are reading about them several years after...

6 Brilliant Lessons from The 4-Hour Workweek

In this post I list and expand upon 6 of the main lessons I learned from reading The 4-Hour Work Week. These lessons impacted my life and business in more ways than any other book...

The Compound Effect - Part 1

Over the past 10 years or so, about 95% of the books I've read have been non-fiction. I've done this intentionally because I enjoy learning from great authors and hearing their perspectives...

The Compound Effect - Part 2

The next section of this book (chapter 3) is all about habits. This chapter is probably the best section in this book, and could be a standalone book itself.

The Compound Effect - Part 3

The Compound Effect is a great book that provides a roadmap for creating success in various areas of life. It provides concrete steps to make small changes in life that will alter your trajectory.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

When someone asks me, " What is 1 book that has changed your life" - the first book that comes to mind (besides the Bible) is Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I have read this book at least 5 times.

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